The Tower of Babel

The Summary: Effects of the towel of Babel

It is God who gives man bread to eat. He is the source of every blessing, Creator of everything. Imagine God is the great baker in heaven, then the sin of the builders on this city and tower is that they attempted to take over the bakery to secure bread for themselves without the baker.

When we say Jesus is Lord, it means He is the owner. He decides what we need to do, not us. Do we still choose our own paths with the body He has given us? If so, are we not attempting to supplant God as its owner, our owner? Remember, we exist for Him, the Father, and we exist through Him, the son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Still trying to have the benefit of God and heaven but without God
  • The abandoning of nations by God resulting in “other gods”
  • The return of Nimrod – Satan’s man


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